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Once again, thank you for all your help. I'm so grateful for the amount of work you put into my case, without your aid I would definitely have not fared so well. You were always reassuring and calm about any issues that arose and your expertise in this area of the law was recognisable from the get-go (as was your speed at getting things done!). I would definitely highly recommend your services to anyone that finds themselves in a tricky situation. Thanks!


In mid-December 2016 I failed a breath alcohol test and urgently required legal assistance to help guide me through the Court’s processes, but also to advise the best path to take – i.e, whether it is worth pursuing avoiding conviction, or to simply plead guilty and apply for a limited licence. This time of year required urgent action and Steve very helpfully lept to my assistance with speed and efficiency. I was very stressed about the process at the start, but after a brief meeting with Steve I came away feeling that at least I was in good hands, and I could navigate the process in the best manner – being to pursue a limited liscence. The limited liscence process was very urgent as I needed to obtain the Court Order for this prior to work starting in January 2017. This went down to the wire, with Steve managing to achieve a hearing for this the day before work starting for the year, with the successful outcome of obtaining the Court Order. I am aware he worked very hard to achieve this for which I am very grateful. I am also aware that he managed to achieve this outcome under a very busy case load. Steve communicates in a very friendly and frank manner which has a very grounding effect. I would strongly recommend Steve Cullen to anyone who finds themseves in my position.


Thank you for representing me recently in a drink driving offence and for all the hard work and effort you put in which resulted in a very favourable outcome. I found you articulate, intelligent and compassionate and a man who has amazing "problem solving "skills. You were very powerful and driven in court and know your subject area "inside out". You are a lateral thinker and quick to respond to prosecutors, as when my case was looking very gloomy you had the ability to come up with an excellent alternative plan , which consequently, "won the day". You also wrote a very detailed and extensive response to the prosecution ,sighting several pertinent cases as examples to prove your defense ,which had obviously demanded a lot of academic research and time on your part. I thank you most sincerely, and would certainly recommend you to any person finding themselves in the same unfortunate position.


Steve, Thank you so much for your help with our daughters drink drive charge. Our family had never been involved with justice system and your help and guidance was outstanding. As a parent you want the best for your children, but at the same time want them to understand and learn the consequences of their actions, your help to us, balancing those two objectives, was invaluable. The final result was great, all we could have hoped for. I will not hesitate in recommending you to anyone in a similar position to ours. Thanks again, much appreciated.


I presented to Steve very distressed after an incident that was very upsetting and potentially could have resulted in loss of job and impacted greatly on family life. Within minutes Steve was gathering information and coming up with a strategy and solution to help my situation. He was factual, to the point, immediately put me at ease and helped me to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Steve is very solution and resolution oriented . He takes action quickly to ensure a speedy outcome and deliver results fast! I feel like life is back to normal and that happened in half the time Steve originally suggested it would so I am very grateful and highly recommend his services. Thanks


"I was stopped for a drink driving offence. I had never been involved with the criminal justice system and I was overwhelmed and scared. I contacted Steve on a weekend. He came straight back to me. Steve gave me excellent advise and support throughout the process. I got the best outcome possible and Steve was a fantastic advocate for me at Court. I also got my limited license for work and taking my children to school. I hope I never need Steve's services again but if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, Steve's straight up approach, sage advise and highly competent legal skills will get you the best outcome you can hope for. Thanks Steve."


"Hi Steve, just a quick email to say a massive THANK YOU for all your hard work, effort and expertise in the handling of my case. I know at times we probably weren't that easy to work with, with our constant questions/ emails etc - SORRY!!! but I do want to thank you for all your professionalism and work done on my case. We truly do appreciate all of this.I am very blessed that I had you as my lawyer, and know that without your time, experience and expertise todays outcome would not have been so successful so thank you again. I won't say I will see you again :) but this has been a huge leaing experience for me personally, and I wish you every continued success in your work. My family and I will forever be grateful for all your help and services, and especially everything done in court today. So once again THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for everything Steve. Take care and Kindest regards and Blessings."


"We have found Steve Cullen to be a very committed, smart and diligent professional...we greatly appreciated his advice and wisdom. Thanks again Steve."


"One word BRILLIANT, Steve made the whole situation stress free. if you need a lawyer, Steve is your man tells you how it is!! really confident in court -best person you could have represent you. Being on the wrong side of the law isn''t a great feeling. Steve knows his stuff so if you want the best possible outcome talk to Steve hell give you a honest straight up answer, got me acquitted from my drink driving charge, best possible outcome obtained. I highly recommend Steve to anyone hell sort you out, help and guide you through the whole process. Thanks for all your help!"


"If you want gentle sympathy and flowery conversation then Steve''s not your guy. This Lawyer is all about results. Steve is energetic and focussed with a track record that speaks for itself. Getting caught doing 126km in a 50km zone was not one of my best days. I thought my license and my car was doomed. A reliable mate referred me to Steve and he took care of things in a speedy and cost effective manner. Obviously I didn''t get away scott free but I was expecting a lot lot worse. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve Cullen. So if youre in the shit, don''t panic - give Steve a call."


"My daughter got on the wrong side of the law by making some wrong choices - As a mum I was worried and not sure where to start. I rang Steve Cullen and it was the best decision I made. He took control and put my mind at rest while getting to work on representing my daughter. When I was unsure of any court appearance, again Steve took control, put mine and my daughters mind at rest. He was professional but very compassionate and understanding, while being very real and telling us what to be prepared for, Steve worked to get the best possible result.The outcome could not have been any better, and my daughter is now living a non stressed, and positive life while making good choices.Thanks Steve!"


"Steve Cullen in one word "Dynamic", his knowledge of the law has once again saved the day not to mention my employment. No mucking around with this guy from the start he lays it down for you in black in white.I hope to never have to use your services again ;) but if I need to I wouldn''t hesitate for a second. All he asks is for the full story first time.Thanks for everything.

G from Queenstown

"Steve Cullen was a great help to us when we chose to defend my step son''s drink driving charge. In this case the police had made mistakes and did not breath test W until after he had stopped driving for some time and had subsequently had a couple of RTD''s. Steve was clear from the start that the charge was defendable and reassured us every step of the way about the actions to be taken. I have no doubt that the result could very easily have been a conviction given the way the day in court panned out. Fortunately Steve was very clear with his arguments and the result was W was found not guilty.Throughout our dealings with Steve I believe he has an exceptional knowledge of the law and case precedents and is very skilled at applying this knowledge. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve as a superb barrister."


"My sincerest thanks for all of your guidance with regards to my court appearance Steve, you certainly helped me immensely feel at ease with what was very foreign for me and certainly a lesson in life for me. . . .Many thanks again Steve and all the best. Regards"


"Steve Cullen - what a god send! His knowledge and calm demeanour made me feel totally at ease during a time of immense stress. He is relaxed and friendly whilst always retaining a professional attitude and his experience is second to none. Steve consistently exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond the call of duty. In short - this man knows his stuff!!"


"Dear Steve, A much belated note of thanks from me expressing my deepest gratitude for your legal efforts on our behalf. C and I are much relieved that the entire affair is over, and the consequences were not severe. Your expertise was essential. Once again thanks. Ps. Have one on me!"


"Steve. With thanks for your help and humour!"


"Dear Steve. Thanks again for your time and support you put into my case. You certainly helped me through a very tricky period in my life and I could not have done it without you!"


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