Traffic Law

For 30 years, Steve has been successfully defending Drink Driving Cases & Charges throughout New Zealand.

Steve assists with preparation and obtaining of Limited and Work licences for Applicants with either Demerit Disqualifications or Court Ordered Disqualifications.

Steve is available to provide Advice and Opinions on the Traffic Law and Regulations to Drivers and Operators in the Transport Industry.

In 2008 Metro Magazine named Steve as The Best Traffic Lawyer in Auckland.

  • Driving with Excess Breath / Blood Alcohol
  • Failure / Refusal to Accompany and
  • Failure / Refusal to Supply Blood
  • Driving whilst Disqualified
  • Dangerous / Careless Driving Causing Death and/or Injury
  • Manslaughter
  • Boy Racing charges such as unnecessary Displays of Speed, or Sustained loss of Traction offences