Repeat Offenders

Repeat Offenders

If you are, or a family member is, a repeat offender, Steve has vast experience with assisting such clients.

The Land Transport Act 1998 is particularly harsh on such people.

Vehicles will be confiscated for two Driving with Excess Breath/Blood Alcohol offences within four years.

Three such offences attract indefinite disqualification and a huge increase in penalties, including a serious risk of Jail.

Steve can arrange appropriate Counselling, organise Assessments and guide the client through the various processes required so as to minimise the risks of imprisonment.

Dont delay, call today. The sooner treatment starts, the greater the benefits.

Steve says:

I have helped clients with up to 14 previous convictions for Driving with Excess Breath Alcohol. I have managed to obtain non custodial outcomes for many. It is so much easier if they contact me early in the process so I can advise them as to the risks they face and steer them through the minefields they have to negotiate.

And now we can ask the court to consider an Interlock Order - with a lesser disqualification.

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