Criminal Defence

Steve has over 28 years of uninterrupted experience including involvement in a number of Trials of significant magnitude and importance in New Zealand.

Steve has assisted as Second Counsel in Five Murder trials, the first resulted in an Acquittal, the second in a plea of Guilty to Manslaughter, the third lead to conviction for Murder, the fourth resulted in a finding of Not Guilty by way of Insanity whilst the fifth was convicted of Murder.

Steve has represented other Lawyers, Police and Professionals within the community. If they want him, why wouldnt you!

Steve will ensure that you get the best result available. If your case needs to be handled with discretion, he will take care of that too.

  • Bail
  • Appeals
  • Murder
  • Robbery/Theft
  • Fraud
  • All drugs charges covering all classes of drugs
  • Assaults and violent offending (including dog attacks)
  • Importation of prohibited/controlled fauna and flora
  • Domestic violence cases

In Waitakere, he represented one of the biggest serial arsonists in the country.

In Manukau, he acted for a New Zealand Customs Officer who admitted escorting drug couriers through Auckland Airport.

In Whangarei, he has had clients acquitted of Cannabis Cultivation and Sexual Offending.

In Gisbone, he successfully defended a client on a re-Trial for Possession of Cannabis for Supply.

At Auckland, he represented the Accused Taylor in the Steven Bu Trial, wherein the co-Accused received a sentence significantly higher than that imposed upon Taylor.

Steve has successfully defended clients charged with Murder, Attempted Murder and Manslaughter as well as the full range of lesser Criminal Offending.

Of the five persons charged with Murder Steve has personally represented, the outcomes have been as follows:

Tiavo – negotiated reduction to Infanticide, sentenced to come up for sentence if called upon.

Faumui – negotiated Manslaughter charge, sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Johnson convicted, sentenced to Life.

Hu convicted, sentenced to Life.

Henare – elected to plead guilty, sentenced to Life.

In the case of Tuitama v R, Steve was commended by the presiding Judge for his “sterling” efforts following a successful outcome to a two year battle which included a Petition to the Goveor General on behalf of the Appellant.