In mid-December 2016 I failed a breath alcohol test and urgently required legal assistance to help guide me through the Court’s processes, but also to advise the best path to take – i.e, whether it is worth pursuing avoiding conviction, or to simply plead guilty and apply for a limited licence. This time of year required urgent action and Steve very helpfully lept to my assistance with speed and efficiency. I was very stressed about the process at the start, but after a brief meeting with Steve I came away feeling that at least I was in good hands, and I could navigate the process in the best manner – being to pursue a limited liscence. The limited liscence process was very urgent as I needed to obtain the Court Order for this prior to work starting in January 2017. This went down to the wire, with Steve managing to achieve a hearing for this the day before work starting for the year, with the successful outcome of obtaining the Court Order. I am aware he worked very hard to achieve this for which I am very grateful. I am also aware that he managed to achieve this outcome under a very busy case load. Steve communicates in a very friendly and frank manner which has a very grounding effect. I would strongly recommend Steve Cullen to anyone who finds themseves in my position.