Steve Cullen in the Press

New drink drive rules 'will cost jobs'

  • 10 August 2016

Press Image Lumping first-time offenders in with repeat drink drivers who have to use alcohol interlocks could be too harsh, says a lawyer who specialises in traffic law.

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Will mandatory alcohol interlocks save lives on our roads?

  • 09 August 2016

Press Image Duncan Garner talks with Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss about mandatory alcohol interlock for serious repeat drink-driving offenders. He also hears from Steve Cullen a lawyer specialising in drink driving offences.

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Car parking rage incident

  • 03 August 2016

Press Image Traffic lawyer Steve Cullen talks about a car parking rage incident in Wellington.

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Flavell: 'I made a terrible, disgusting mistake'

  • 30 June 2016

Press Image A former All Black has admitted to driving drunk - at more than three times the legal limit. Ex-Blues enforcer Troy Flavell, 39, appeared in Auckland District Court this morning where he pleaded guilty to a count of driving with excess breath alcohol.

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Boozing doctor let off for second time

  • 13 November 2015

Press Image A doctor who aimed his yacht at a police boat twice during a pursuit through an Auckland harbour has escaped conviction for a second time in exchange for a $10,000 donation to charity.

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Faulty breathalysers 'a huge problem'

  • 21 October 2015

Press Image "A criminal lawyer says the ramifications from faulty breath testers, which forced police to drop infringement proceedings after using the machines for months, will be huge."

"Police introduced the Draeger 7510 breathalysers in July, but have pulled them all from service after discovering some results were inaccurate."

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Marc Ellis driveway feud

  • 01 October 2015

Press Image "The lawyer for a woman accused of damaging an ex-All Black's driveway has slammed the police's case as "farcical"."

"Jazz singer Briar Susanne Ross, 66, has been in a dispute with Marc Ellis over the Waiheke driveway for months and was charged with causing intentional damage over an incident in May."

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Govt introduces new plans for family violence policy

  • 03 August 2015

Press Image "There are mixed responses from local law experts following the Government's announcement that it plans to create a new criminal offence for family violence."

"However Auckland barrister Steve Cullen is questioning the Minister's reasoning that the current system makes it too difficult to track where family violence is occurring."

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Caution from cops over Kiwis' dashcam hoon videos

  • 02 August 2015

Press Image "Police are worried motorists using dashboard cameras to film bad drivers could be a risk on the road themselves."

"The police are urging caution by New Zealand drivers who're starting to upload their dashcam videos to a website called RoadShamer which is capturing motoring madness from around the world."

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Call for dashboard breathalysers to be funded

  • 14 July 2015

Press Image "A criminal barrister specialising in drink driving cases says in-car breathalysers should be funded if the Government is serious about stamping out drink driving."

"Thousands of attempts to drink-drive have been stopped since in-car breathalysers were introduced in 2012."

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Call for refunds after speed cam botch-up

  • 18 May 2015

Press Image "Traffic lawyer Steve Cullen is insisting police refund speeding tickets issued on botched up speed cameras."

"Three officers have been disciplined and several others are accused of failing to record how and when handheld speed cameras were calibrated."

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Auckland doctor dodges drink driving charge

  • April 03 2015

Press Image "A doctor has escaped a drink driving charge after claiming he was fleeing Northland locals who attacked him for being an Aucklander."

"At Auckland District Court on Thursday, Harmer's lawyer Steve Cullen described the circumstances involved as "pretty extraordinary"."

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Is this fair? NZ cops can fine 'dangerous' drivers - if you dob them in

  • 10 March 2015

Press Image Steve Cullen thinks a poor decision by police has been made here, and a warning would've been perfectly adequate.

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Drink-drivers avoid conviction

  • 15 May 2015

Press Image "About 50 people a year escape a drink-driving conviction, with judges letting off models with overseas job prospects and businessmen who need to travel internationally, among others."

"Steve Cullen, who also specialises in drink-driving law, said 239 discharges in five years represents about 2 per cent of all drink-driving cases."

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