30 Years Experience

Efficient & Cost Effective

Steve Cullen has been assisting clients in Criminal Charges and Traffic Law (Drink Driving) for 30 years. He will seek to obtain the best outcome for you using his vast experience and skills in a professional, cost effective and efficient manner.



Call Steve for help with Work / Limited Licence, Discharges without Conviction, any minor matters including Dog Prosecutions, Diversion, all Jury trials including Drugs, Theft, Computer Fraud, Aggravated Robbery, Murder, Serious Fraud, Assaults, Sexual Offences and Criminal Appeals.


Traffic Law​

Steve can often be heard on the radio explaining and commenting upon developments in the Traffic Laws. He is available to provide detailed Advice and Opinions on the complex Traffic Laws. Steve regularly assists people facing a range of charges including Dangerous Driving, Sustained Loss of Traction, Unnecessary Display of Speed Dangerous/Careless charges involving Death and/or Injury and so forth. Steve provides Opinions and Assistance to Transport/Trucking Companies undergoing review by the Transport Agency.

Drink Drive​

Steve regularly chairs Seminars updating his colleagues on Drink Drive legislation. He represents people facing the full range of breath/blood alcohol offending throughout New Zealand. From time to time Steve is called upon to provide assistance to drivers seeking to return to New Zealand who will face charges upon return. Respected by the Judiciary and recognised within the Profession as a Leader in this area, Steve will provide comfort and guidance to you during this enormously stressful process.

Work/Limited License​

A limited licence can allow you to continue to drive in furtherance of your work-related duties, thus enabling you to retain your employment despite your conviction.​ Steve can also assist with driving in relation to sick and elderly relatives, parental obligations and emergencies.

Criminal Defence​

Represented other Lawyers, Police and Professionals within the community. If they want him, why wouldn't you!​

Repeat Offenders​

If you are, or a family member is, a repeat offender, Steve has vast experience with assisting such clients.​




The worst thing I did that fateful night was get behind the wheel and drive my car. I was stopped

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The worst thing I did that fateful night was get behind the wheel and drive my car. I was stopped

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‘I engaged Steve to represent my son who had been charged with three traffic offenses.  It was a big decision

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I was in a last minute situation to acquire a lawyer, I was lucky to have Steve recommended by a

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